2018 Webinar Series


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How to produce a winning Lamplighter entry.

 This webinar will provide participants with support and guidance as they work on their 2019 Lamplighter Award entries.  We'll review the entry system, share top tips, and answer frequently asked questions. This webinar is designed to provide participants the opportunity to ask questions they may have while currently writing their entries and address any challenges you have faced along the way. 

Presented by:

Vanessa Stafford, chair, Lamplighter Awards Committee, and director, communications, New Hampshire Hospital Association.

Vanessa is responsible for executing the communication strategy for both the New Hampshire Hospital Association & Foundation for Healthy Communities, in support of the organizations' objectives.  She oversees the member and public outreach efforts related to strategic, public policy and programmatic initiatives.   Vanessa has more than 15 years experience in driving marketing and communications strategy through branding, messaging, public affairs, and media & community relations.  Prior to joining the Association & Foundation, Vanessa served as the marketing and communications manager at Lawrence General Hospital in Lawrence, MA.



Thinking Big: 

How Small Marketing Teams Can Maximize Their Digital Efforts

No matter the size of the hospital, getting the word out and staying on top of all marketing and communication content is no small task. In an ever-evolving healthcare and digital landscape, how can small provider healthcare marketing teams streamline their strategies to earn market share?

In this session, we'll overview the challenges that come with a small marketing team, and outline how a strong content strategy utilizing the right tools can help refocus marketing efforts and maximize reach.

What you will learn:

  • Discuss how to overcome challenges of a small marketing team.
  • Understand why content should be the center of your marketing strategy.
  • Review best practices for re-purposing marketing initiatives.

Presented by:

Sujal Raju is a healthcare web veteran and a Cloud SaaS solutions enthusiast. In the last 15 years, he has worked with over 100 Hospitals & Integrated Distribution Networks (IDN's) providing guidance and implementation services for web and mobile initiatives. He oversees the technology operations of Enqbator and acts as a strategic advisor on all projects. He also provides strategic infrastructure and development planning work, and continues to oversee all the development efforts at a high level.


Matt Shine:

As Spectrum Health Lakeland's Lead Digital Marketing Developer, Matt does more than wrangle websites. With more than two decades of creative services and digital marketing experience, he's obsessed with innovating new ways of delivering the right message to the right market, in a useful and effective manner. Matt has worked with organizations across a wide range of industries -- from sports marketing, public sector, to health care. Matt holds a bachelors degree in Advertising from Michigan State University.



Dare to Matter: Don't Just Communicate. Lead.   

Today's healthcare environment is the modern day version of the wild, wild west. Changing regulations, increasing costs, medicine advancements, and elevated uncertainty demand that today's medical hospitals and offices employ the expertise of efficient, effective and adaptive leaders.

In order to avoid a chaotic stampede, where people are running in all directions but no one really knows why, healthcare leaders need the right knowledge to be excellent communicators, effective problem solvers and possessors of a high degree of self-confidence. Of course, they need to do this while maintaining their own sense of personal and professional balance.

Healthcare professionals at every level need to maintain their own heightened level of motivation, engagement and commitment on a daily basis. But the keys to do so don't reside in a pursuit of success and happiness; rather, they exist within a relentless pursuit of significance.

What you will learn: 

  • Know three important questions that immediately elevate responsibility, accountability and performance.
  • Explore the critical role of identity and how identity drives activity and decision-making.
  • Witness the influence that fear plays in our lives and understand the keys to effectively address that fear.


Presented by:  

Pete Smith is an international speaker and coach in the fields of leadership, management, personal growth and development. Pete has educated and challenged audiences throughout the world on the practical application of incorporating significance into their lives, both personally and professionally.

His experience, concepts, and tools have helped organizations improve their leadership effectiveness, elevate engagement at all levels, transform company cultures and consistently perform at high levels. Pete is the author of Dare to Matter, which reached the following milestones:

#1 Best Seller in the Human Resources and Personnel Management category

#2 Best Seller in the Business Motivation and Self-Improvement Category

He is a 1-time winner of the Father of the Year award as voted on by his kids. He was forced to return the award when his boys' saw a picture of him and his wife at Disneyland without them. Pete resides in North Carolina with his wife, Whitney, (a fellow redhead) two boys, Finnegan and Declan (also redheads), and a dog, Bailey. (Yes, even Bailey is a redhead).



 One System - One Strategy: Building an Internal Communications Framework that Promotes Staff Engagement 

In this time of intense competition in healthcare, every organization strives to promote a patient experience that keeps them coming back. What is the most important factor in improving patient experience? A super-engaged workforce. Happy employees make happy patients. What's the key to happy employees? Excellent communications that help staff feel like they belong in your organization and understand how their work contributes to the mission. 

This talk uses Hartford HealthCare's goal to become #1 in customer satisfaction and employee experience by 2023 as a roadmap for creating communications strategies that are more relevant and engaging. 

What you will learn: 

  • How do employees want to get information? Learn from Hartford HealthCare's experience. What works, what does not. 
  • See how metrics can help build and refine your employee communications strategy.
  •  Learn how middle managers can be your allies in conveying information to their teams. 


Presented by:  

Hilary Waldman, MPH, is the manager of internal communications at Hartford HealthCare. She spent most of her career as a newspaper reporter and left journalism in 2008 after 12 years as a health writer for The Hartford Courant. She joined Hartford HealthCare in 2012, after stints as a web content editor for another hospital and director of communications for a small non-profit. 

As the first system-wide communications specialist at Hartford HealthCare she has spent the last six years trying to help employees from vastly different organizations to understand and embrace the fact that they work for Hartford HealthCare now and that for many reasons, that's a good thing.  



 Humanize It: Differentiating and Growing Your Practice Through Storytelling 

 People connect with people. Not brands.  Learn how humanizing your message can increase web hits and new patient inquiries. In this educational and entertaining session, Glenn will share client stories, creative samples and real-life case studies from his 20 years in healthcare advertising and content creation.  

We will share techniques to uncover your brand story, create effective content that connects with your potential patients and review traditional and online video distribution strategies.  

 What you will learn: 

  • Why humanizing your message is crucial in healthcare marketing and advertising.  
  • How to develop your message and video content in order to effectively connect with your patients and potential new patients.  
  • Where and how to distribute your story in order to increase web hits and new patient inquiries.


Presented by: Glenn Anderson is an advertising veteran with over 20 years experience in advertising, marketing and creative strategy for local healthcare practices, regional hospitals and global pharma companies. As a co-founder of Viamark Advertising and Viamark Video, Glenn has consulted dozens of healthcare clients on their marketing and creative strategy.  



Breathe Life Into the Tired Creative Brief and Inspire Award Winning Creative 

The brief is foundational to any creative project. It can be superficial and a source of disdain, or it can be a treasure, prized for its insights. Either way, the burden of the creative brief is significant. 

In this webinar, two seasoned marketing professionals, both with contempt for the typical rambling, slipshod creative brief, will share their secrets for developing a focused, inspiring and powerful brief. During the webinar, Reem and Dan will outline a process for creating a brief that delivers the best possible cohesion between marketing strategy and creative execution while inspiring creativity.

  What you will learn:  

  • Learn about the key elements of a successful creative brief and what info doesn't belong in your brief.. Practical skills of writing and assessing great creative briefs. 
  • Learn the importance of asking hard questions and not taking the internal client's information at face value. What questions should you be asking in preparation for writing the brief? 
  •  Learn about the important role a good brief plays in enhancing the creative development process. 

 Presented by: Jennings Health Principal Dan Dunlop and Adams & Knight, Inc. Senior Vice President of Healthcare Strategy and Branding Reem Nouh,



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