Evans F. Houghton Award

Recognizes exemplary performance in, and significant contributions to, the field of healthcare public relations, marketing and communications.

While NESHCo acknowledges the many healthcare professionals who skillfully perform their duties every day, the Evans F. Houghton award is designed to reward those contributions that rise ‘above and beyond’ the norm. 

Award criteria


Who Should be Nominated

There are four general categories for which nominees can be considered for the Evans Houghton Award. While it is not a requirement for nominees to be “exemplary” in all areas, nominations are strengthened when evidence is presented that shows “above and beyond” performance in multiple categories.

Contributions (in scope and time) to NESHCo

This section examines the contributions that a nominee has made to the organization, either in a leadership role or as a participant in NESHCo.

Contributions, exemplary performance in healthcare PR, marketing and communications

On local, state and/or national level. This category recognizes nominees who have made significant contributions to further the profession.

Accessibility/support to PR, communications & marketing practitioners w/out thought of personal gain

This section examines how the nominee has given back to the profession in ways such as teaching and mentoring that are not part of her/his expected job responsibilities.

Challenged herself/himself and peers

This category recognizes nominees who have pioneered new approaches to PR, marketing and communications or have contributed to ethical or procedural changes that have elevated the profession and have demonstrated that he/she boldly challenged herself/himself and peers to excel and meet the highest standards of conduct, professionalism and performance.

All nominations are reviewed by a panel of past Evans Houghton Award recipients and overseen by the NESHCo Board of Directors. 

Nomination submission deadline for the 2019 Award is March 30, 2019

Nominations are accepted at any time.

All applications must be submitted as a package and must include the following components:

Application: Click below to download. Complete applications should be emailed to Jenn Gervais, jgervais@neshco.org by the deadline above.

Recommendations: Two written recommendations, preferably with one from the candidate’s CEO or direct, executive-level supervisor.

Justification: A detailed narrative justifying the nominee’s credentials for the award.

In addition to required elements, you may want to include the following Support Materials:

Nominations are strengthened when accompanied by materials such as a resume, biography, press clippings, list of accomplishments, and awards.




2018 Dan Dunlop

2017 Shawn Mawhiney

2016   –

2015  John F. Looney

2014  May Kernan, APR

2012 Keith Fontaine

2011 Helayne Lightstone

2010 Thomas Link

2008 Kathleen Tarbox, APR

2006 Thomas Hanley, APR

2005 Wayne L. Clark

2004 Keith J. O’Connor

2003 Jim Rattray

2002 Gina M. Balkus, APR

2001 Greg Goodman

2000 Joanne Donaghue


1999 Sally Vallance

1998 Mary Helen Wheeler

1996 James H. Shiels

1994 Joseph W. Bradley

1993 Owen J. McNamara

1992 Beverly A. Rutherford

1990 Elizabeth Sloan


1989 James W. Peters

1988 Richard Pozniak

1987 Robert J. Ristino

1985 Seth Ames

1984 Nancy Rowett

1983 Paul Taylor

1982 Patricia Elder

1981 Donald Giller

1980 Caroline Harrison

1979 Stephen Gelineau

1979 Robert Sheffield

1978 Rosabelle Tifft

1977 Thruston Hammer

1976 John Lew

1975 Whitney Jacobs